QDI App Engine

The QDI App Engine is a simple and powerful tool for managing and tracking your iPhone app. All of our apps come with the tool, which allows you to manage content within your app, update info without needing to send an update to Apple, send In App Messages, Push Notifications, managed advertising, track message & usage stats and much more! Some key features are described below.

On-The-Fly Updates

We've developed the QDI App Engine to give you as much control over your app as possible. With our user-friendly tools, you can change content, links, page names, and more instantly with the click of a button.

Built-In App Stats

Right from your Dashboard, we've tied into App Figures allowing you to see rundowns on your daily, weekly, monthly and all-time downloads, updates, gifts, rankings and profits!

Message Monitoring

After sending an In-App Message from within the QDI App Engine, you are able to track your users' responses. Receive detailed rundowns on which response users are giving, and how many users responded.

Usage Stats

Easily find out where people are going in your app, and what they're using to get there. You can see a history of your users activity within the app and see which bits of content are the most popular. You can also see which devices your users are using, to better target your marketing campaigns.

Manage Advertising

Quickly update, add or delete your advertisements from the QDI App Engine. You can update advertising graphics and links instantly, add new ads or delete existing ads. Track the number of views your ads are receiving, as well as click-through rates.

Advantages at a Glance


QDI App Engine can be locked down so it's only accesible from your own office.

Ease of Use.

Easy-to-use interface with rich features makes it a breeze to update your app.


No need for an Apple update when you want new content.